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Do Herpes Blisters Go Away?

You may be asking yourself if herpes blisters ever go away. Herpes are not always active. Between outbreaks, the herpes virus hides inside nerves. Most individuals infected with herpes have only a few outbreaks a year. However, other individuals have constant outbreaks, particularly those with compromised immune systems, those in treatment for cancer, those infected with AIDS, and those with high levels of stress.

As individuals get older, herpes outbreaks may increase. If you have an elderly parent or grandparent, the Viral Inhibitor is a great gift. 

Once you get herpes, the virus remains in your body forever. Fortunately, the Viral Inhibitor–when applied early–keeps the herpes virus dormant, and makes herpes blisters disappear. With the Viral Inhibitor, you can greatly reduce and even ward off herpes outbreaks. 

Using the Viral Inhibitor is a one step process. Simply place the device on the affected area and observe as it applies a mild electro waveform to the sore, which disrupts herpes viral activities and allows for a faster, natural healing process. If applied early in the sore formation process at tingling, it prevents blisters and lesions. 

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