How it works.

The electro inhibiting Viral Inhibitor is unlike any other treatment as it does not require a
solution to be smeared onto the infected area, an herbal treatment that must be taken
orally, or a medication requiring a visit to the doctor and a prescription... So, what is it?

The Viral Inhibitor is a small, hand-held, battery-powered device. Sticking out of one end
are two small prongs that, when applied to the afflicted area, applies a low voltage drop
causing a mild current flow between the two prongs. This small current affects the
ionization of herpes and deactivates the virus, disrupting its activity and preventing the
body’s natural immune system from creating or flushing the inactive virus into lesions or

Clinical trials were conducted on control subjects using the Inhibitor over a six year
period. The reports of these trials were extremely promising, resulting in the Viral
Inhibitor stopping outbreaks completely and reducing the healing time of sores from
days to only one quarter of a day.


Who is The Cold Sore Inhibitor for?

  • Anyone with cold sores, genital herpes, or other forms of the herpes virus
    (shingles, moles, etc.)
  •  People who don’t like daily pills or ointments
  •  A person looking for an all-natural and non-invasive treatment
  •  People who can’t afford to continue to pay for treatments that don’t work



DISRUPT viral attacks, ELIMINATE sores, REDUCE recurrences, intensity and duration. Early Applications at tingling will PREVENT blisters and STOP symptoms.

Open Viral Inhibitor to give a better grip.

The Viral Inhibitor being applied to a sore.

Cut Label. Place cap over base for better grip. Replace cap over probes when finished.

Clean lipstick, gloss, balm, lotions, oils, etc. from lips, afflicted area and from rounded probe tips.

Press probes across cleaned afflicted area, then push and release RED start-button.

Timed signals flow one direction lighting a color, reverses direction lighting other color and then off.

May feel harmless electro tickle and mild shock-like sensation at reversal. Wet skin to increase effectiveness.

Apply Viral Inhibitor 8-Times Daily. Repeat half hourly if early onset and tingling, hourly if late and sores have already appeared.

If all colors of the unit are on, skin is too wet. Dry the area and reapply.


ECONOMICAL! Enclosed, Battery may exceed use-by-date. The Cold Sore Inhibitor may perform for a few years in light-use (cold sores) or over a year in heavy-use (shingles). Economy of over A THOUSAND APPLICATIONS, only Pennies per use for Years.
Warranty: White-Model 90-days, Color-Model 1-year; Extended Warranty available.

INHIBIT Cold Sores/Fever Blisters - Oral Herpes Simplex I (light-use). PREVENT blisters early at tingle or ELIMINATE in hours/days not weeks/months with Normal application.

CURTAIL Simplex II - Genital Herpes Sores (heavy-use). Sensations may seem
more intense. Genital moisture may turn on all lights, Dry & Re-Apply. Pre-lesion burning
symptoms may vary and require immediate Normal applications to PREVENT sores.

ALLEVIATE Shingles - Herpes Zoster (heavy-use). STOP pain, rash and blisters
with Criss-Cross pattern. Multiple sites require more applications taking more time.

RELIEVE Molluscum - Herpes Contagium (heavy-use). Apply Normal and ELIMINATE
painful hard pearly white papules. Difficult to detect but early use PREVENTS.

REMOVE Warts, Moles & Growths Skin/Genital - Human Papilloma HPV (heavy-use),
Wet skin to increase conduction and apply 4-Star pattern around each wart, mole or
growth. Continue consistently over several months until they shrink away.