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ZAP / Apply / Test / Warranty

ZAP/Apply, Cut Label. Place cap over base. Clean skin and if need, Wet or Dry some. Place probes across tingling area, ugly blister or weeping lesion. Push and release RED start button. Keep probes on skin as lights auto color in sequence, reversing timed electro waves Flowing across site, then off. Replace cap over probes.

ZAP/Apply Inhibitor, Hourly to ELIMINATE blisters or weeping lesions, or Half-Hourly at Early tingling, itching or burning to PREVENT outbreaks, and allow fast natural healing without viral interference, report Customers/Testimonials.

ZAP/Apply Inhibitor, repeatedly, up to 8 times daily, on each affliction, until resolved. Multiple sites require many ZAP/Applications and some in patterns.

ELOCTRO-tickle or mild shock-like-reversal sensations, may be felt, but NOT required. May WET skin to increase, but All lights on is too wet, Dry some and ReApply.

COLD Sores/Fever Blisters – Oral Herpes Simplex I – (light-use white CSI- Cold Sore Inhibitor 2light). Testimonials report EARLY ZAP/Applications PREVENT lesions or ELIMINATE existing blisters in hours or days not weeks.

MOLLUSCUM Puscules – Herpes Contagion – (medium-use color VIP- Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). ZAP/Apply to painful hard puscules with tiny pearly white papules. Detection is difficult but early ZAP/Applications PREVENT them.

GENITAL Lesion – Herpes Simplex II – (heavy-use color VIP- Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). Electro sensations may be more intense. Genital moisture may stop output (all colors on). DRY some & Re-ZAP/Apply. Pre-lesion symptoms vary, ZAP/Apply immediately to PREVENT formation.

SHINGLES Sores- Herpes Zoster – (heavy-use color VIP- Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). Choose sites of pain, rash and blisters. Multiple outbreak areas require more ZAP/Applications. Use 2-Criss-Cross 90 degree rotate pattern.

WARTS, Moles and Growths – Herpes Papilloma Condyloma – (heavy-use color VIP- Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). ZAP/Apply a 4-Star 45 degree rotate pattern to each wart, mole or growth. Continue ZAP/Apply a few months as they shrink and disappear. Moisture often helps.

TEST Inhibitor, Press probes black sides to a quarter. Push & release RED start button. All lights on, Working Properly! Repeat on round probe tips, Clean if need by rubbing tips across soft smooth dry cloth.

RED start button, if touchy, self starts or cause ALL Lights on, SEAT by a quick Hard rocking Push, up to three times if need, to cause normal operating sequence.

HERPES, acquired, is attracted, guided, stored and inhibited in Nerves. Triggered by a cold, fever, etc., it emerges/re-attacks. A virus is not alive and can’t be killed.
BETA Patented mild electro signals, ~ZAP~/disrupt/inhibit Herpes recurrences, allowing fast natural healing, without viral interference outside nerves.
VIRAL Inhibitor PREVENTS sores at early tingling or ELIMINATES existing ones, with NO Side effects, 100% report customers/testimonials.

LIMITED WARRANTY: To the exclusion of all other warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability, the warranty is strictly limited to replacement of the Cold Sore Inhibitor within 90-days (White-Consumer-LightUse-ColdSore-2lights-Model) or replacement of the Viral Inhibitor Pro within 1-year (Color-Professional-HeavyUse-AllHerpes-4lights-Model) of purchase in the event of a defect in workmanship or material, provided it is free of customer abuse, tampering, or damage.

ENCLOSED not sealed, don’t expose Viral Inhibitor to liquids. Prevent contagious viral transfer. Cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing may not eliminate viruses from surfaces. Don’t share, each needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor! MANUFACTURER warrants Viral Inhibitor applies less than 10 volts across and less than 10 milliamps between probes and makes no claims for efficacy in use, nor supports views expressed on this website nor in other promotions. 19Feb13 10pm